Agroforestry : “Back to the trees ! “*


Before Man completely transform it, France was nearly only covered in Forest. We are seeking to approach again this natural state. Since tens of years, we have tried to move away from the mono-agriculture, by reintroducing vegetal diversity, that will bring in return a greater animal diversity.


If we want that nicely singing little birds come on our land to eat nasty winyards parasite, they need a tree to nest. If we want to reduce the sun and wind exposition, trees and hedgerow will participate in a natural regulation of the local climate.


An entire new ecosystem is reborn once you can connect all pieces of your land with biodiversity “hyperloop”.

This revolution is unique. Helped in this by the local Water Agency, we have initiated a multi-year program to bring back the trees on our land. Every time we will be planting new vines, we will make sure to break the former single specy pattern with raw of trees and hedgeraw. Each of those essence and species has been carefully selected to be able to bring the maximum benefit to our grapes and our wines.

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