We are deploying on a hitherto unknown scale agroforestry: We plant trees (over 5000) and hedges from which emerges a newfound biodiversity, protective and nurturing.

Agroforestry is a method and system of land management involving the simultaneous cultivation of farm crops and trees: as a means of preserving or enhancing the productivity of the land, ensuring a continuous food supply and the avoidance of soil degradation.
Near Pezenas, in Languedoc, nested between the Mediterranean and the first hills of the Massif Central Mountain, our property is made of vineyards, olives and pomegranate trees, garrigueand forest.


On a hilly terrain, preserved and protected, made of Gres and calcareous clayland, we have planted over generations Red and White Grenache, Mourvedres and muscat, Cinsault et cabernets, et other wines thanks to whom we can now offer you this fine selection of red wine at first, prior to start with white wine.


Before man completely transformed it, France was almost entirely covered with forests. We want to get closer to this original state. We want to get out of a mono-cultural approach, by reintroducing plant diversity that will lead to greater animal diversity, to the delight of our vineyards, our grapes, our wines, and ultimately those who drink them.

If we want chirping birds to feed on certain parasites of the vine, they need a tree where to perch. If we also want to reduce exposure to hot weather, or wind, hedges and trees help to naturally regulate climate. A whole life revives when long tunnels of biodiversity cross our countryside. Let’s not forget that the natural state of the vine is a liana, which grows at the feet of trees!

The process we are undertaking is truly innovative. Aided by the Herault Water Agency we will launch a campaign of “in-arbrement” of our property, as and our plantations, adding tree hedges and various shrubs, whose essences will have been carefully selected to reproduce a diversity of essence and natural property that brings the most to our vines.  For more information please contact us. https://www.reussir.fr/vigne/nous-souhaitons-favoriser-la-biodiversite


A rich natural activity allow us to keep and amplify the natural vibration of our fields. A gradual transition to organic farming formalizes this approach.

We practice grassing on all of our vinyards, to allow the development of plants whose roots will aerate the soil (radish) or whose natural properties will develop its nutrients (clover).


We limit the plowing, in order to let the flowers and winter grasses grow. They absorb and channel the rains of this period. Their root activity is facilitated.

Thus, valiant worms can do the necessary work of basement, while happy mushrooms and a whole flora unfold near the roots of our vines.


We plant hedges in various places, like small natural sanctuaries in the middle of our domain.

In the middle of our domain is a natural pond, which we maintain and cherish, like a sacred reserve of water and life.

Since few year we also have a hive on the field (what a honey!), the first of many !