Boutique Wine from Languedoc, France


A culture done in symbiosis with the local nature
Curious Winemaker, we wante to challenge the current techniques and explore new ways to bring nature in your glass.

Our Wines

Domaine de la Massole

Notes of blackberry and lily will first hit the nose. On the palate it is all the freshness of the Southern France land, of the Mediterranean shrublandof the Garrigue, that will spring to mind


A beautiful carmine red colour; the nose opens on smoky and toasted notes. Generous and round aromas will follow: the oak wood has smoothed the pleasant balsamic notes of the wine.



Blend of Syrah, Grenache and the Mourvedre, this wine is both smooth and powerful. Aromas of spice followed by balsamic and red fruit notes. A floral bouquet of lily and black olive jam elegantly harmonises its flavours.


Rooted in time

By leveraging the unique knowledge, whispers and the intimate understanding of 7 generations we can now offer you the produce of our wines.

Rooted in our soil

The type of grapes and how we take care of them as been carefully selected to best suit the unique needs of our demanding land, terroir, mainly growing on AOP Languedoc label, perfect to deliver unique vintages !

Rooted in nature

By recreating the natural balance of the estate, and by reconnecting our vineyards to the surrounding nature we have establish a new link People – Wines – Nature