Notre Histoire




The estate stands on Roman foundations. Producing wines for the bishopric until the beginning of the XIXth century, our family acquired the estate under Napoleon the 3rd.


Our great-grandfather worked on his own land in the neighboring village, with a method that we would dream today to bring back to the estate, horse powered and chemical free. We will end up taking up this challenge thanks to you!


From 1963 my grandfather was looking for vine plants (at the time called hybrids) whose disease resistance was optimized to reduce treatments.  In the 1980s, we undertook an immense work of improvement of the grape varieties, to eliminate the high yields post-phylloxera grape varieties, to replace them by grape varieties present before the phylloxera (Grenache, Mourvèdre) or grape varieties present to the east and who adapted well to our land (Syrah).  In recent years, we have gradually rebuilt the estate to bring it back to what it was under the Second Empire